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e-waste recyclebin

Our Responsibility toward E-waste

As per Government rules it is unlawful to sell or give unauthorised Kabadi or waste collector your E-waste. But otherwise also most of citizen and organisation will agree to the fact that we must have ethics and policies to handle our e-waste before buying electronic equipment. Normally there are accounting policies that audit the life time of an electronic equipment.

It is mandatory as per rules of state that any individual and company will give their e-waste to the authorised e-waste collector only.

Comply with WEEE directives of e-waste management.

Steps of recycle bin:

e-waste recyclebin

You call us for collection of your e-waste.

Our authorised collector comes and destroys your data or hard disc in front of you so that data is 100% secured and not misused at all.

At our factory all material are segregated for recycling or refurbishing..

It is our policy to donate 10% of our refurbishing electronic product through NGO or under privileged society.

Further the e-waste is diverted to recycling in environment friendly manner with help of innovative technology.