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Our services are just like recycle bin of windows only distinction is that we manage hardware. We select e-waste and placed it in our bin. There it is both vanishes via recycling or donated/ reused with the aid of NGO and second market for less privileged. apart from saving our land we're imparting the service to our fellow nationals. It is right karma of you.

e-waste recyclebin
E-waste Definition

e-waste recyclebinElectronic waste” is discarded computers office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, electronics, mobile phones, television sets, refrigerator etc....

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Our Responsibility

e-waste recyclebinAs per govt. rules it is unlawful to sell or give unauthorised kabadi or collector your e-waste. But other than this as a good citizen it is our responsibility…..

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e-waste recyclebinWe have limited metals of earth and natural resource cannot be infinite. Hence by recycling we are protecting our mother earth…….

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